Nejolla Korris | Plenary Speaker

Nejolla Korris


Friday 2 June, 15h15 | Lie to me

Lie to me

The key to being a highly effective communicator is having a keen awareness as to what words reveal. If we can learn to understand the signals that people are sending us, we can decipher them and get to the real meaning of an issue. Most importantly, if we learn to ask the right questions and listen for the right answer, we will determine if a person is speaking truthfully or untruthfully and ultimately build or break trust. In the conference industry we speak to our colleagues and clients and a myriad of stakeholders, we influence, sell ideas, negotiate, instruct, inform and motivate. Looking from the inside out, how effective is our communication really? Discover the secrets of how to build relationships of trust.   

Nejolla Korris is an international expert in the field of linguistic lie detection and social media risk. An internationally-sought-after speaker, Nejolla is constantly in the air and often refers to planes as her mode of public transportation.

Speaker Profile

She is a popular speaker and trainer in lie detection, social media risk, ethics, fraud prevention and investigation, behavioural fraud, social engineering, and organisational justice.

She has taught throughout North America, Europe and the Middle East and in Malaysia, Brazil, Singapore, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and South Africa. Her clients include corporations, government agencies, law enforcement and the military.

She is skilled in Scientific Content Analysis (SCAN), a technique that can determine whether a subject is truthful or deceptive. Nejolla has analysed documents for fraud, international security, arson, sexual assault, homicide and missing persons cases, causing some of her clients to dub her the “Human Lie Detector”.

Nejolla speaks frequently at the Institute of Internal Auditors, ISACA, the American Society for Industrial Security, the American Bar Association, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and various other fraud prevention groups. In May 2012 she gave the Keynote at the 45th anniversary of the Department of Law at Carleton University, her alma mater. Her greatest thrill so far has been presenting a members-only webinar for the Institute of Internal Auditors for which a record-breaking 6,300 people registered.

Nejolla has a BA in Law from Carleton University. She served as the Chair of the Edmonton Consular Corps and the Honorary Consul to the Republic of Lithuania and was awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012 for her international work in linguistic lie detection.