Sales Masterclass

Sales is the exchange of a commodity for money; the action of selling something

Presented by Thaamir Moerat. Thaamir Moerat has 15 years sales experience and he is a serial entrepreneur of note. He holds the sales director position at six companies.

He is the brains behind the loyalty company ShowYourCard, the Cadillac concierge services Cadillac Experience, Ottoman Nargile which outsources Turkish hookah to restaurants and a production company Getuned Media. Thaamir is also the CEO of Faselis South African branch (jointly owned with Tracy McGregor and Ashraf Garda). He also holds directorship at South Africa Entrepreneur Zone ( that brings you the #AfricaRise conferences. Thaamir is used as a key speaker at Sales Summits and Entrepreneur conventions around the Globe and is a regular feature at Startup Istanbul, Startup Turkey in Antalya as well as TieHK in Hong Kong. In South Africa, he has been keynote speaker on many occasions around the country. His work can be viewed on YouTube here.

He is the owner of a reality show called SellHard. The purpose of the reality show is to find and showcase raw sales talent on National television. The show is produced by his production company, Getuned Media.

His first book “Mama I Sold You” is available for sale at Bargain Books countrywide and online at Amazon.

• Identification of strengths and weaknesses amongst your sales team, whatever the size, ensuring you are maximising return for your spend
• Shorten sales cycles, thus increasing revenue and cash flow
• Optimise the time your sales team spend on the phone and on given opportunities, so that they can spend more time closing profitable opportunities
• Accurate information, based on sales both won and lost, which can be used by product planning and service teams
• Ongoing coaching and training based on your real opportunities, which makes your team the envy of the industry, and thus enables you to attract the best
• Identification of a team member who can take over the role of sales manager, so that you promote from within, which is fantastic for morale and motivation

SAACI invites our Sales Managers/Directors to join us in this first of a kind master class to take place at our congress.