Sustainability Policy – “A Green Meeting”

SAACI will endeavour to reduce the environmental footprint of its 2017 Congress through the implementation of a sustainability policy. Listed below are some of the actions that will be taken during the planning phase and at the meeting.

  • Registration: Participants will have the option to purchase a tree through GreenPop when registering. Greenpop plants trees and invites everyone to join the treevolution, see inspiration instead of gloom in the green space and get active (not anxious) about our future. They pride themselves in making green living fun, sharing valuable education, monitoring our trees and bringing people together to (re)connect.
  • Venue: All SAACI 2017 venues will be encouraged to have eco-friendly policies in place and will be asked to share their Green/Sustainability Policies. These include, but are not limited to, an automated electricity-savings programme to prevent waste by lights, air conditioning and escalators; water-use minimisation systems using drip-flow irrigation and dual-flush toilets; an in-house recycling system; biodegradable cleaning agents; and the sourcing of local supplies to promote job creation and the sustainability of local farms and producers.
  • Recycling: Paper, plastic, glass and tins will be recycled. Recycling centres will be set up around the venue and participants will be reminded to make use of them in SAACI 2017 communications. Participants will be encouraged to leave unwanted name pouches and lanyards for re-use. Unwanted stationery can be left for redistribution to, for example, less-fortunate schoolchildren.
  • Locally-sourced materials: SAACI 2017 materials including bags and lanyards will be produced locally with an emphasis on local job creation.
  • Printing: Where possible, all printed materials will be printed on recycled or environmentally-responsible paper. Ideally, SAACI 2017 proceedings such as the programme and any papers will be provided online only.
  • The menu: Menus will be designed using local, seasonal produce and where possible, condiments such as sugars and sauces will be served in glassware rather than individually pre-packaged.
  • Accommodation: All SAACI 2017 hotels will be encouraged to have eco-friendly policies in place and will be asked to share their Green/Sustainability Policies. Participants will be encouraged to assist with these policies by infrequently requesting fresh linen and towels, and switching off their lights and air conditioning when they are not in their hotel rooms.
  • Giveaways: innovate@saaci and sponsors will be encouraged to provide only sustainable giveaways. The use of sustainable materials such as soy-based inks and recycled paper will be encouraged, as well as limited packaging.
  • Speaker gifts: Promotional and speaker gifts should be made from sustainable materials, use minimal packaging, and be sourced locally.